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Justum, dilemmas in dialogue

Justum is an online game that uses dilemmas to allow for dialogue about difficult issues at work. These could be issues regarding integrity, or matters that negatively affect work progress. Sometimes it’s about teamwork and leadership, at other times about conflicts of interest, unwanted behavior, and exclusion. All of the things that could be bothering someone at work will be covered.

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Why Justum?

Justum frees you from your preconceptions by going into dialogue. The game offers insight into your behavior and motivations. This in turn allows for a chance to self-reflect, all too often accompanied by a heartfelt laugh. Once you’ve played Justum, it will be crystal clear what really matters to you in your job.

Making complex issues open to discussion
Dilemmas tailored to your organization
Improving atmosphere and safety

How does Justum work?

Justum consists of a game board with a numbered 5 by 5 grid and 30 playing cards, 25 of which are dilemma cards and 5 being surprise cards. The game can be played in groups of 3 to 8 people keeping adequate distance from each other or using video calls. The winner of the game is the player with the most points at the end of it. The duration of the game is approximately 90 minutes.

The game supervisor
Justum needs a game supervisor to invite the players, start the game, facilitate the progress, stimulate discussion between the players, and take stock of the results at the end of the game. To help them do this, the game supervisor is provided with their own menu and user interface.

Available versions
Over the years, Morals at Work has created dozens of dilemma games for many organizations. All of these versions are also available as Justum. Check out the overview here.

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